Billingsgate - 2014

'Billingsgate’ is the name given to a collection of knitted scarves and fabrics inspired by the fish market in London’s Canary Wharf. Photographs and sketches of the fish became interesting collages of mysterious layered textures of skin, tails and fins. Translating the imagery into knitted fabric was a way of preserving the beauty of the detail in the fish skin which is impermanent and ephemeral. Colour and an eclectic mix of yarn convey the visual complexities of the research photographs.

Throughout this project I experimented with screen printing processes upon the surface of the knitted fabric, to enhance its aesthetic, drape and handle. I focused on using the functions of Dubied knitting machine to create intricate patterning and surface texture in the fabrics. Fine yarn and gauge of machine was used to create the most fragile fabrics, whilst metallic foiling added weight and lustre.

Sponsors: Todd and Duncan, Ecafil, Gruppo Filpucci, Industrie Filati

Copyright June 2014
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