Repeat . Evolve - 2010 

Mixed media textile materials: resin, beads, hand printed fabric, viscose, polystyrene.

‘Repeat . Evolve’ is the result of a commission won in 2009 to create an artwork to be permanently hung on display in the lunchroom of the Cambridge Crystallography Data Centre.

With its intricate and often beautiful symmetries, crystallography (the science of determining molecular structure from crystals), has a fundamental and profound relationship with art. Throughout the CCDC’s award-winning building, designed by Danish architect Eric Sorenson, crystallography’s influence in the design is often visible; it was fundamentally important that the installation was both coherent and complementary to its setting.

The artwork’s title describes the repetition in the shapes formed by crystal growth. Repetition is also reflected in the wrapping, stitching, folding and repeated printed motifs. ‘Evolve’ speaks of the physical aspects of disorder and defects in organic crystal growth.

Throughout this project I upheld an artistic residency with the CCDC, which allowed me to create a programme of artistic workshops and discussions to enable employee participation in the creative process. From the outset, this project was designed for the employees of the CCDC; the resulting piece bring to life the scientific concepts with which they work, enhancing their social space through vivid colour and three-dimensional form.

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